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Years ago I started to play and take pictures of all my trips, of course, family events, baptisms, communions, meetings, … and I felt that with my photographs I was transmitting.


That’s why I decided to make the leap and turn my biggest hobbies and passion into my way of life. It is much more than a job.

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 I am a young, thirties, enthusiastic person, who likes to pamper every moment, every detail, every photo I immortalize with my camera to extract the sincerity of love from all those couples that you put before my goal.

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 I like working with all those of you with whom I manage to connect from the first minute, who do not look for a normal photographer of the lifetime. Because I warn you! I will not just be your photographer, in the end we will end up being friends, I will help you in everything you need, not only in the part of the photos of your wedding.


And a few months ago, in order not to become a photo machine, I decided to restrict the season to 15 weddings. This allows me to give more exclusivity to my boyfriends, dedicate the time you deserve to those who trust in my work, and get to capture the magic and feeling of the best day of your lives, that day that unites you to the partner @ that you have chosen to Continue enjoying life.


My passion, it gives me the opportunity to meet incredible people and couples, because I will not choose you to be more handsome, smarter or taller; And also because your wedding is the most expensive or cheap, but because you are distracted by how your wedding will be, that you transmit your emotions.



And of course, we are forgetting an important part in all this, that is your choice, that is to say, that you like my photographs and what I contagious with them. Because they will not be twisted or retouched, they transmit the naturalness and simplicity, which in the wedding reports I consider vital. Your photographer has to convey your love and your great day as it is.


And you will be saying but if before the wedding we only see each other once? Let’s see once, two, whatever, … I will keep in touch with you to know how your preparations, these nerves, are always at your disposal.


But there is something more crucial to know something more: the prebodas. They are included in my reports, and also without limit, those you need and want. I will be open to any idea why crazy, where to do it and no matter the site that you choose, I love to travel.

In order not to roll up any more I invite you to know  my work

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